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Sexual Wellness Tips & Tricks for Men
(to get YOUR sexy on-with or without a partner)

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Discover the secrets to having great sex (solo or with a partner) from Clinical Sexologist and Certified Sex Coach™

Sarah Valentine | The Mindful Minx.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Healthy habits mind-body-soul for men to improve your pleasure.

  • How to build sexual confidence.

  • Practical exercises designed to help you explore a more sensual and satisfying sex life.

  • easy-to-follow instructions

  • fun

  • learn more about yourself as a sexual being

Need assistance signing up for the Course?

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Getting Started

What are sensual & sexual wellness, the profession of Sexology, and Sex Coaching vs. Sex therapy? Learn how Sarah became a Clinical Sexologist and Certified Sex Coach™ and what will be covered during the 8 Sessions.

Get Present and Mindful

Are you feeling distracted, anxious, or unable to relax? Sarah will share some powerful techniques to help calm your mind and will lead a guided meditation to tap into your body sensations and sensuality as a man.


Healthy Habits for Men

Your sex drive and performance are made outside of the bedroom. Sarah will share some helpful and healthy habits to improve your sexuality.

Masturbation and

Solo Pleasure

Whether you are new to self-pleasure or an experienced hand, there is always new trick and techniques to learn. Sarah will show you how to level up your masturbation game and incorporate aids like sex toys for men.

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Oral Sex

Sarah explains how to feel comfortable around vulvas with proven techniques to try on your partner.

All About Consent

Creating space for individuals to feel safe and heard is important to good sex. We will also talk about consent and why it is essential for any sexual relationship.


Porn and Culture

The messages we receive from pop culture and porn significantly influence our sex life and set us up with unrealistic expectations. Let’s talk about these messages and how we can healthily use them.

Get Confident

Learn about common blockages and issues affecting sexual confidence and communicating your needs sexually. Sarah will also share how one-on-one coaching can help you discover your authentic sexual self.


Need assistance signing up for the Course?

Visit the FAQ Section

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