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Sexual Wellness Course FAQs

How to sign-up for the Course?

1. When purchasing the Sexual Wellness Course for Men, note that the you should "Sign Up or Log In" on Wix. 

Sign up if you don't have an account with Wix yet. Wait for the confirmation on your email. Once confirmed, you will go back to the site and log in. You can also use the "Sign up with Google" if you have an existing Google account entered on your browser (e.g Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox etc).



Log in if already a member with Wix. Log in using email or choose the "Log in with Google".





2. Once logged in on the site, you can now purchase the Online Course. Fill in the Payment form and a confirmation email will be sent once it is successfully purchased.

3. To navigate the courses, Go to my website,, click the "Login bar" or the "Member Menu" on the upper right corner of my website and find the "My Courses" tab.


4. You will also be automatically get an access on my VIP group for this course. It is located on the Menu bar. You can also click the "Join" button to become a member of the group. Note that only members who purchased my Online Course will get accessed to the group.

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How long is the Course?

The Course of 8 sessions is nearly an hour-long total. There is also bonus material which includes a PDF of Sexual Wellness tips for Men, reflection questions and guided sensual meditation. 

What is the VIP Group?

This will be a private group for members of the Course only. Sarah will only moderate it, so it will be a safe space to connect with Sarah for questions and accountability and meet like-minded men who want to improve their sex life.  

How can I meet with Sarah One-on-One?

You can view Sarah's booking calendar HERE! 

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