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Let's Work Together

I understand how difficult it is to talk about your private sexual concerns, but I promise to offer a safe space for you. I am certified and trained, and it is my job to make sure you are on the path to see results!


How to get started working with Sarah:


  1. Book 15-minute consultation to discuss your concerns

  2. If you would like to work with me, you will complete a Sexual History Intake Form

  3. Book your next 30-minute or 1-hour session 

  4. During our first session we will discuss your Sexual History Intake Form and establish your goals and work towards an action plan

  5. Through the MEBES Model, we will look at you as a whole person and working with your Mind-Emotions-Body-Energy-Spirt to achieve your goals

  6. During our time working together you will have home assignments and other suggestions to get you on track for SUCCESS

  7. Are you ready to make positive changes? Let's do it!

Communicating Needs & Asking for What You Want Sexually

Empowerment & Building Confidence

Body Image Issues

Challenges Experiencing Orgasm

Understanding Your Body & Your Partner’s

Sexual Inhibitions

Early Ejaculation

Sex & Aging

Reframing Negative Messages & Thoughts Surrounding Sexuality

Sexless Marriage

Low or No Sexual Desire

Erection Challenges

Guided Masturbation Techniques*

Additional Fee for this Session-Contact Sarah for more Details

Removing Shame, Fear, Guilt, Discomfort & Limiting Beliefs

Uneven Desire

Finding a Partner

Pleasure Enhancement 

Exploring Fantasies & Sexual Taboos

Rekindle Passion in Long-Term Relationships

Expanding Sexual Skills & Techniques

Sarah Valentine, CSC

I am a trained professional and I am thrilled to offer my coaching services to those who are ready to make positive changes in their sex lives!


By working together as a team:

  • I will be a dynamic motivator that will add an entertaining flair to our sessions

  • Our sessions will be encouraging, filled with lots of positivity and fun

  • I promise to be completely present in our sessions. In this highly device-driven distracted life, I have a strong “I-am-right-here-with-you" vibe 

  • I will be tactful, sympathetic, and be the smoother-of-ruffled-feathers since you might not always like what I have to say. I want to help you get to the next level that sometimes is going to be outside of your comfort zone

  • It is my desire to encourage the confidence you need to ignite the spark for the sexual life or relationship you’ve been seeking

  • Everything we discuss is 100% confidential 

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