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Spark & Ignite Q&A Session (Part 2)

Updated: May 11, 2022

Spark & Ignite Episode 20

Thank you for stopping by today for my Spark & Ignite Q & A session. I appreciate your questions, and I hope I have helped with my answers.

Some of the questions I answered today:

-What is the biggest benefit to meditation I have found?

-Why do people say a person is “out of their league?”

-Is pegging bad for men health-wise?

-How can I increase intimacy with my wife?

-Is there anything from your past you wish you would have done differently? (ugh. Made me cry a bit...)

-My suggestions for someone being desensitized due to p*rn

-and many more!

Also, I would like to start a new series. What are some topics that would help YOU?


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