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Sex Tips for Men Who Want To Be GREAT In Bed (Part 2)

Spark & Ignite Episode 24

Today on Spark & Ignite (backyard edition! Warm weather with FTW), I shared FIVE more tips for you fellas who want to be GREAT in bed.

Tips I shared:

1. Ramp up the kissing

2. Try and have a signature move

3. Get busy in the morning

4. Get off before you get off

5. Hold hands more

I hope you will try and incorporate at least one of these tips! Also, you can view all my past Spark & Ignite episodes (Yowza-22 now!) here on Instagram, my website blog, or my new YouTube channel. Visit my bio to see all my official platforms and you can book a 15-minute consultation where we can chat one-on-one.

Thanks for watching! 💋

Be Sexy. Be Mindful. Be YOU!

P.S. I ❤️ my vintage lounge chair I found at an estate sale! So fun!

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