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Spark & Ignite Q&A Session (Part 3)

Spark & Ignite Episode 21

Today on Spark & Ignite, I answered your questions once again. So FUN!!! 💋

Some of the questions I answered:

1️⃣ Favorite (or cute spelling Favourite 😜) piece of clothing/lingerie?

2️⃣ Is it wrong that I fantasize about other women?

3️⃣ Am I willing to date a guy soon after my divorce?

4️⃣ Advice for someone trying to leave a Narcissist? Follow @doctorramani for advice and helpful information 💪

And many more questions and fun!

I will do one more Q & A next week before starting a new series in May.

Check out my website for more information and on how to book your 15-minute consultation! Let's get to work? Yes?

Have a great day!


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