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Spark & Ignite Q&A Session (Part 4)

Spark & Ignite Episode 22

Thanks for watching my last Q & A Spark & Ignite Show for April.

Some of the questions I answered:

1️⃣ Is it “normal” to be horny all the time?

2️⃣ Is it OK to m@sturbate when I have the urge?

3️⃣ Commando? Yes or No? Ha😜

4️⃣ Why did I get into this profession?

5️⃣ How do you remain attractive and secure after a breakup?

6️⃣ Do I consider myself great in bed?

And many, many more!

Thanks for watching, liking, commenting, and making me smile every day!

Oh, and cute kitten Willow joins us too! 🐱

I hope you will consider working one-on-one with me; I would love to be your accountability buddy!


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