Work with Sarah on these concerns:

  • Communicating Needs & Asking for What You Want Sexually

  • Low or No Sexual Desire

  • Finding a Partner

  • Empowerment & Building Confidence

  • Early Ejaculation

  • Erection Challenges

  • Sexual Inhibitions

  • Body Image Issues

  • Sex & Aging

  • Guided Masturbation Techniques

  • Pleasure Enhancement 

  • Challenges Experiencing Orgasm

  • Reframing Negative Messages & Thoughts Surrounding Sexuality

  • Rekindle Passion in Long-Term Relationships

  • Exploring Fantasies & Sexual Taboos

  • Removing Shame, Fear, Guilt, Discomfort & Limiting Beliefs

  • Understanding Your Body & Your Partner’s

  • Sexless Marriage

  • Uneven Desire

  • Expanding Sexual Skills & Techniques

Sarah Valentine, CSC

Clinical Sexologist

I am a trained professional and I am thrilled to offer my coaching services to those who are ready to make positive changes in their sex lives!